Lego SSD 10221 – Star Wars Super Star Destroyer Executor Model Review

Lego has recently unveiled the new addition to its line of world famous Lego Star Wars models and sets.

The Lego Super Star Destroyer Executor 10221 was the next UCS model released in September of this 2011.

One of the largest and most powerful vessels in Star Wars has been created as an exclusive model of Lego.Lego 10221 Retail Box


What Is The Lego SSD?

As Star Wars enthusiasts know, the Executor Class Super Star Destroyer  is the vessel that served as command ship at the Battle of Endor, and it is also the personal flagship of Darth Vader in the film series.

People who fancy complicated toys like Mindstorms playset will also have fun playing with the new Lego model as it includes mini-figures including Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk, and IG-88.

It also features a display stand and data sheet label. The center section of the toy can be lifted to reveal its command center.

It will be the first time that the SSD model will be designed by Lego.

According to the senior designer Kurt Kristiansen, he tried to create the Star Wars Executor model as close to the original as possible – both with the angles and the whole profile – to the original. He said that his biggest challenge with the SSD is its size. Nonetheless, he did an excellent job in designing the Lego 10221 set.

If you want to add the Super Star Destroyer Executor model to your collection, be ready to spend several hundreds of dollars for it! The prices in stores and on manufacturer’s website have significantly increased since its launch on September 1, 2011.

The Lego SSDS set is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Lego Executor Star Destroyer Pros and Cons


The LEGO Star Wars Super Star Executor is one set that will keep you occupied for hours on end. And after you are done constructing this 3152 piece behemoth, the instantly recognizable Executor will make a great addition wherever you decide to put it, whether it be the dedicated Star Wars corner of your toys shelf, or just on the living room coffee table. Given how long this will take, putting the final result on display will surely fill you with pride.

It’s sure to stand out, at the very least, being nearly 50 inches long. It is true to the Stars Wars universe, as the SSD ship is one of the longest ones ever featured in the films. And who knows, after enough time has passed you might want to break it down and start all over again. The hours this set takes to be put together as well as it makes a great display piece after completion justifies the high price to many fans.

Also included in this set are various mini figurines to go along with your Empire spaceship, including of course the man who it’s known for; Darth Vader himself. If you want to, you can place them on the deck of the ship that has a removable ceiling to give you a look inside where these characters are expected to be.

Although very intricate, the SuperStar Destroyer will bring joy to both casual and hardcore fans alike, which is just what customer reviews of this product from different sellers show. Even those who haven’t bought LEGOs for years enjoyed putting this set together, and long-time fans loved the level of detail.

Casual fans have said that finishing and having this figure on display feels like a great accomplishment and makes for an enjoyable piece of décor. On the other hand, many of those with a dedicated shelf for brick sets have said that the SSD takes the place of glory as the centerpiece of their display.

The model is also surprisingly light despite the massive size. At around 8 pounds in weight, the Executor Lego toy manages to balance the fine line between being too heavy, and not being sturdy enough quite well.

The massive scale of this model makes it ideal to do together with a group of friends who are also enthusiasts. Many purchasers spoke of building the set with their significant others. Many parents as well said the game gave them a lot of bonding time with their children and was a great experience to share with them.

Even though the model is enormous and the design very intricate, no one has had a problem with building the set, from beginners all the way to collectors. The instructions are straightforward to follow, and the pieces even come in numbered bags with specific action steps for each one to make your life easier. All that a beautiful finished product requires is some patience!


As awesome as this model is, no set comes without flaw. As mentioned before, the Super Star Destroyer Executor Model can take quite a while to complete with it having over 3000 individual pieces, and if you’re not someone with the patience to do that, it can be frustrating enough to give up on.

Given how small the pieces are and how many there are of them, if you’re not paying close attention while building, you might experience alignment issues towards the end, after already having put so much time into the set. Close care and extra time spent on sorting pieces can help this.

Some parts of the ship are duplicates and need to be built several times, which is typical for all sets, but the size of this model can make it monotonous.

And finally, many have complained about the price being too high for their tastes. The Lego 10221 Executor set is NOT cheap.

Lego Super Star Destroyer Size

It is the longest Star Wars model that is made of Lego bricks. The Lego Destroyer set is well-designed and solidly built.

It has 3,152 pieces and measures nearly 50 in or 124.5 cm long and weight almost 8 pounds or 3.5 kg.

Lego 10221 Video

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