Lego Pirates Imperial Flagship 10210 Review

Build an incredible and amazing classic sailing ship with LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship 10210. The LEGO Pirated Flagship is beautifully detailed and is historically realistic as well which will make you enjoy building it. This definitely is a piece of LEGO that is a must-have for every serious Lego collector.

Be prepared to spend 6-8 hours on this ship! Putting together 1664 pieces is not an easy task even for experienced Lego set builder. Are you up to this challenge?

Is this set suited for kids? Lego recommends it for teens from age 14 and up, so you will have to look at simpler building kits if you are looking for a gift for your 7-year-old.

LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship has three removable sections namely the main hull, the front deck and the back house deck. The main hull contains 4 firing cannons, torches, muskets, ammunition crates, cannonballs, a prison with a rat, saw shark mini figurehead, a moving rudder and a kitchen that is fully equipped with fish, turkey legs, and a carrot.

LEGO Pirates Flagship’s front deck features the opening door to the inside of the ship where you will be able to see the masts and rigging. Its back house deck meanwhile is where you can see the captain’s chamber which contains a map, a poison bottle, and a treasure chest.You will be able to play inside the LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship as you can open the front deck’s working doors. You can do more with this particular LEGO as it has 6 opening windows, a telescope, a sextant and 3 deck lanterns. LEGO Pirates includes 9 mini figures such as the captain, his daughter, a pirate captain prisoner, the ship’s cook, a lieutenant and 4 soldiers.

The LEGO Pirates measures 29.5 inches long and 23.6 inches tall. LEGO collectors may notice that this is noticeably bigger than the others. Because of its size, it will take more than a couple of hours to build the ship.
This is something that you will enjoy if you love to be challenged. It is also more expensive than other LEGO collections but people who have bought it have said that the LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship is worth every penny.