Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Set 4737 Review

If you are not just a fan but a Potterverse merchandise collector as well, then you will find that this Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Set #4737 is an excellent addition to your ever-growing collection.

The toy is a very interactive piece since you will need several playmates to get the fun going.

Play Harry’s favorite sport with your friends and enjoy magic at its best.

Share the adventures with your friends and family members now!

Take the accessories out and start assembling props like the brooms, Golden Snitch, goal post, chest, Quaffle and Bludgers Quidditch trophy and catapults where they should be.

I know you know how to do that especially since you must have read all 7 books and seen all the movies.Lego Quidditch Set Box


Perfect For Potterheads

If you are a huge fan, then you might find the details of the toy delightful because the creators didn’t overlook the features to give you a product that looks just like in the movies.

Do not be surprised to find that some of the settings are the same as in the movie, including the figures as well as the stand and tower on the field.

It is gonna be an excellent gift to all wizard world fans and little kids who grew to love the worldwide phenomenon, the Potterverse.

Play The Real Match

With 153 pieces the toy consists of, it will take some time for your kid to assemble all the parts.

Mini figures of Harry, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Marcus Flint and Madam Rolanda Hooch can be found, and you and your friends can take turns who plays who.

Put up the towers and goals and start playing the game with your playmates.

Making believe that it is a real Quidditch game wouldn’t be difficult because of the fantastic details of this game. The players are all complete with costumes and accessories to make the gameplay more realistic than ever.

Play rounds after rounds of Quidditch with your siblings or friends. You certainly would never get tired of trying to get the Snitch and win the match before Draco does!

Lego Quidditch Set Customer Reviews


Dozens of reviews speak of how much children have loved getting the game and are delighted with the end product. Many reviews speak about how easy the game is to put together, making it particularly great for kids to play with.

The customers have also loved the thought put into the item by the manufacturer. It even comes with an extra snitch in case you lose one, which has proven to be the case for many purchasers given how small the ball is.

Despite the towers not being high enough for many, most reviewers agree with how fun the game is to play with after construction, which isn’t the case for many others. This is an item you can proudly put on display, but also play around with every once in a while.

This LEGO playset has mixed to positive reviews from customers. The biggest gripe most people seem to have is that the model is not as big as you would expect it to be when you’re ordering it online and also given that this is a game field.

The price has also received criticism, with people saying it led them to believe that the toy would be much more expansive than it really is and that it isn’t worth paying it for such a small set. Others have said that although the price is a bit high for the size, it is worth it for how happy it has made them.

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