Lego Harry Potter The Burrows 4840 Review

Check out Lego Harry Potter the Burrows Set (#4840), the place where the Weasley family lives. Do you remember that scene in the movie where Bellatrix Lestrange had it under attack?

With the Weasley family in trouble and Harry running for his life, you would have wanted to save your favorite character from unavoidable harm!


Cool Playset From Magical Movie

This set is a replica of what you have seen in the movie. Plus, it does have mini figures of Harry, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Fenrir Greyback, who chased Harry through the reeds.

Of course, Bellatrix Lestrange is there, being the villain in the scene.

You might even get scared by the details on the Death Eaters that certainly gives them a villainous look.

Fun Design

It has some fire effects in the backyard to relive the scene where Arthur and Molly were trapped. That would amaze the eyes of the young ones and even the young at heart.

You will see that there are doors, windows, and gates to add more excitement to the LEGO playset. The back portion of the house can be opened and closed for you to place and play with the mini figures inside.

The three-story house, home to Harry’s best friend and second family, has that crooked magical look. The sink, long table, dishes, chairs and storage in the kitchen makes you feel like you are in the actual set of the movie.

You will enjoy every minute detail of this toy: from the Grandfather clock to the red shingles. The designs are created to imitate the real ones and not turn down the true Potterheads.

This is an excellent addition to any collection of Potter merchandise!

The 580 pieces are very to assemble, and the instruction is comprehensive and easy to follows for help from a parent or a playmate so that building the set is fun and interactive.

Just be careful because some pieces could become choking hazards. The parts are easy to distinguish and playing with this toy over and over is never gonna be boring.

User Reviews

The Lego Burrows game is one that has received an overwhelming amount of praise from people who have bought it. Customers agree that this toy, like all the other LEGO Potter sets, is one that is well made, with keen attention to detail that will delight avid fans of the books and movies.

Several purchasers have bought this as a present for their children or even grandchildren, and it’s been a hit across the board. Dozens of glowing reviews recommend the playset for children 7 and up, saying that it is easy to build even for those on the younger end of the spectrum and that it has been a great bonding experience for many families.

Going back to the attention to detail, there are many exclusive or otherwise hard to find inclusions in this collection. The exclusives are minifigures of the Weasley parents; Molly and Arthur, which makes sense given the game is of their home. Other fun bits and bobs include two competing publications in the Potterverse – The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler.

Numerous customer reviews mention the excitement of noticing each of these unique pieces when building the set, and eagle-eyed fans go further and praise the little things that make for nice touches, one, in particular, being the keys for each door in the house.

Some reviews mention the price being a bit too high for their liking, but many agree The Burrows game is well worth it.

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