LEGO City Public Transport Station Set 8404 Review

LEGO City Public Transport Set 8404 retail boxMeet the new LEGO City Set Public Transport Station. LEGO is known as a manufacturer of educational and building toys that help in developing children’s skills.

Most adults and children grow up with a Lego set 8404, and more and more games are being released with lots of improvements which make these sets collectible pieces.

Public Transportation System For Lego City

If you have built your own city, it’s time to complete that thriving community with a public transport system.

Get to your final destination in a trap or on a bus in this station for vehicles.

Go around your LEGO city on a bus with a friendly driver or hop on a tram in one of the platforms of the station.

While waiting, you can get some food from the station kiosk. There is also a street sweeper to keep your boulevards clean. There are a lot of transport options to choose from so that you can go around the block even when you are in haste.

Box Contents

6 minifigures and rides included

There are 6 minifigures included with the set as well as vehicles.

The figures include the bus driver, the tram driver, shop assistant, garbage truck driver, bicyclist and an all-around passenger.

There is a city bus in green and white, a tram in black and blue, an orange street cleaner and a yellow sports car.

3 Platforms

Lego 8404 Box ContentsThe station has three platforms for the vehicles, and this is where the passengers can board or get off the transport to transfer to another.

The all-around passenger can hop on to any of the vehicles you choose. It can also ride the green bicycle and enjoy other amenities a modern transport station has to offer.

The colors of the set are distinctive, and children will really enjoy playing with this set. With the range of minifigures and accessories included, I’m sure that your kids will have hours of interactive fun with the LEGO City Set #8404 Public Transport.

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