Harry Potter Sword of Gryffindor

Harry Potter, surely, never gets old. Even if the movie already had its last installment, many fans are still raving about the story that has captivated the hearts of the many from all over the world. Rowling has done a good job in writing the story, which is why it is still remembered by many up to now.

Over the years, Harry Potter has been popular not only with the story but also with the merchandise associated with the book and the movie. For instance, there are many toys that have been manufactured in the past in order to make it possible for people to experience what it is like to be in the same world that is depicted in the movie.

Among others, the toy Gryffindor swords are amongst those that have been popular. If Gryffindor is your house of choice, given the chance to choose from the four houses, the different products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article are some items that you will surely not regret.

Harry Potter The Godric Gryffindor Sword

This sword has been seen first at Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. From the time it has been shown in the movie, many people immediately got attracted to its visual appeal, making it a famous toy not only for kids but for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

One of the things that you will enjoy with this 34-inch sword is that it has intricate details, which makes it possible to closely resemble the original version of the sword. In order to be indicative of the house that uses such, it has a ruby inset. To add, it also comes with a wood display.

I recommend that you buy this toy sword if you would want to feel how it is like to be at Hogwarts, specifically at the house of Gryffindor. Even if this is just a toy and not the actual sword, you will surely enjoy using such or just seeing it on display in your room.

Waltzmart Harry Potter Cosplay The Sword of Gryffindor

In the story of Harry Potter, aside from the sorting hat, the sword of Gryffindor is another essential artifact from the said house. With this Waltzmart toy sword, it will be a snap for you to be in the magical world of Harry Potter and have fun playing with the sword.

Among other things, I personally like the fact that this sword is made from high-quality materials that reflect the durability of the toy. In addition, it is also very light, which will allow you to have more fun as you play with such.

Whether you are looking for a toy sword for your own or as a gift to other people, this is one of the products that I can personally recommend. It is very cheap and can provide the best value for your money. If you do not want to play with the toy, you can opt to just put it on display along with other collectibles.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Sword Letter Opener

Compared to the two products that have been mentioned above, this letter opener sword can prove to be more functional. This is not a toy, but a letter opener. In addition, it can also look good if it is placed at the top of an office table of a person who is a fan of Gryffindor.

With the use of this letter opener, it is possible to add a spark of magic at home or office. I personally own this product and I enjoy using it. The letter opener has a length of 8 inches and it comes with a detailed lion holder that makes it look more visually appealing.

If you plan to give this as a gift, keep in mind that it is perfect only for those who are aged 14 and up. While it may look beautiful, keep in mind that this is not a toy. If you see children playing with it, try to keep them away as it can possibly cause injury.