Fisher Price Geotrax Christmas In Toytown Train Review

In time with the holiday season, the Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train Christmas in Toytown RC Train is a great toy set for your little boys.

A train set is always a good Christmas gift for boys because of their love for engines and cars.

Now, this Christmas Toytown Train will enhance the holiday spirit with its holiday music and the Santa minifigure which is included with the set. Make the train go chuggin’ down the tracks this holiday season and purchase this train set for your kids.



Remote Controller

There are two ways to control the train: by pushing it or by using the RC controller. The remote control will make it easier for your child to make the train move along the tracks and activate the sound effects and lights. There are forward/reverse controls that your child can use as the train makes it way along the train tracks and activates the lights in the mini sites as it passes by.

Easy Rail Station

The Easy Rail Station has lots of lighted features which includes station windows, clock faces and street lights. There are also lights on each car of the train and you can place Santa on the front of the engine or at the back, on the caboose.

Snap Lock Train Tracks

The set includes the 16 Snap Lock train tracks that are durable and long-lasting. Aside from that, there also are signs that you can place anywhere along the railroad track. There are holiday decorations that will snap into the tracks so that you can liven up the holiday atmosphere. There is also a bridge, streetlamps and the station.

The tracks even run under the bridge so you can have so much fun seeing the train move. There is also a skating rink with working spotlights.

There will be holiday music all around to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. This train set is indeed in time with the Christmas season and the pieces that are included makes you really feel the spirit of Christmas.

Be generous this Christmas and give your little engineer this train set that he will truly enjoy. It is a time for giving and receiving a gift such as this toy will surely paint a huge smile on a little boy’s face.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of this train set are generally very positive. A large number of them are of parents saying they’ve bought this for their kids as a Christmas present, and it’s gone down incredibly well. Some people have mentioned that the holiday music that plays really adds to the Christmas-y feeling on the big day, making this a great buy for the holiday season.

If you really want to amp up the Christmas feeling, you can assemble this train set in a circle under the tree as many other parents have done. The music is great and the train never falls off the track, so you can set up and leave it running all day without worries. Several people have mentioned making this a part of the tree decoration every year, and the kids love it.

Since the toy is for younger kids, the LEDs and sounds are a very important thing to consider before purchase. With this train set, kids love seeing the automatic lights and sounds come on when they make the train go through certain parts of the track. Parents of children who love trains in general cannot recommend this enough.

There are also several people who have had this set for over 5 years who can attest to it still working perfectly and looking great. The durability of this toy makes the price tag well worth it. The first time assembling it will take a bit long, but after that, the kids can do it themselves, as many parents have said.

People are also happy with how the batteries last a very long time before needing to be replaced. A few people seem to have the issue that the train stops moving after a few years. Some people have received refunds for this problem.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro about this train set is the fact that other GeoTrax trains are compatible with it, so if you have other sets from Fisher-Price, you are in luck. It also makes replacement easier. The remote control is also a great feature loved by the children, something most train sets do not have.

The train set being quite large, it can make for a great piece of decoration if your children are done playing with it. Even if they aren’t, there are many families that have this set around their tree every year, making it a fun Christmas tradition for the family.

The durability of this train set is quite incredible. I have found that there are numerous families who have had this set for over 5 years, and it still works like new and looks great. This can be put away once your child has outgrown it for future kids or to use a décor in the upcoming holiday seasons.

The one con some people seem to have faced is that their trains stop moving a few years down the line. However, many have received refunds or replacements for this issue.


The durability of this train set is unmatched. Given how much joy it can bring to your little one, as well as how long it will last, this is a great Christmas present to invest in one year. This is particularly so if your child loves trains.

Everything about this from the assembly to the looks to the quality is top-notch, and many people have had this train set for over half a decade with no complaints! Overall, the GeoTrax Christmas in Toytown Train set is one that will make for a great investment for the family.

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