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Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Train Set Review

Make your kids use their imaginations while playing with the Tomica Mega Station Hypercity Set.

Their imaginations will be running wild when they get this set which is one of the top toys for Christmas 2016. If you have kids who love to play with cars and train sets, this is gonna bring loads of fun and excitement to them.

This can make every Tomica fan roar with delight especially when they found out about the moving parts and fully automated train.

Let your little engineer experience the opportunity of becoming Stationmaster of this bustling Tomica city train station. Here, they will be able to see the activities that happen in a train station and experience the responsibilities a real stationmaster has.

What’s Included with the Mega Station Tomica Hypercity Set

Out of the box, the set includes:

  1. A fully automated working train station
  2. Railroad tracks that has lights and sound effects
  3. A railroad crossing where cars stop automatically to wait as the train speeds by
  4. A convenience store with a Tomika mini figure, pavement for parking spaces and 2 cars
  5. Can be switched to Manual mode

What Makes Tomica Mega Station Set Extra Special?

If you want to encourage your children to play with their imagination, then this train set definitely fits the bill. They can use the accessories to customize their own Hypercity with the trees, lamp posts and parking spaces.

Tomica Station is fully automated

They can watch as the train pulls into the terminal and unload its passengers and how the cars stop to let the train pass by the crossing.

The cars automatically stop when they see the train approaching so that there would be no accidents and the train continues to its destination.

You can switch to Manual Mode

When they are tired of just watching and want hands-on play, they can switch everything to manual and control the working train station.

They will have to watch over the cars and train. In addition to that, there is a convenience store that brings extra fun with its Tomikid figure.

Tomica Mega Station is a great replica of real train station

They can use their creativity and planning skills. Since it includes small parts, its recommended age range is 4 years and above.

Kids will definitely love the moving and bustling train station that mimics real life situations. If your child already has a collection of Tomica toys, then this set is a valuable addition to that.

This train set is a great replica of a real train station with its shop and accessories.

There are train schedules to keep and traffic to manage, so as the Stationmaster, your kid will have some responsibilities to carry out here.

Get 4 “C” batteries to make this work though because these are not included with the set.