Best Rated Peg Perego Stroller Reviews For 2024

Looking for high-quality strollers that can mix style and functionality can prove to be a task that is hard to accomplish because of the numerous choices that you will be confronted with. To make things easier for you, you might want to consider the best rated Peg Perego strollers that have been popular in the market.

Peg Perego has long been popular because of the production of strollers that offer a high level of convenience for both parents and babies. This is a brand that has been highly recommended in many customer reports because of its various set of features and the vast array of alternatives that are available.

mom and child with Peg Perego Stroller

The rest of this article will give you practical insights into the various strollers from the said manufacturers that you can buy when looking for a product within the category. While each is different from the other, you can be assured that they are all of high quality and reliability.

Peg Perego baby carriage lineup:

  • Strollers
    • Aria
    • Book (reviewed)
    • Book Pop-Up
    • Book Cross
    • Book Plus
    • Booklet
    • Pliko Mini (reviewed)
    • Pliko Four (reviewed)
    • Switch Four
    • Team
    • Uno (reviewed)
    • Si (discontinued)
    • GT3 (discontinued)

Travel Systems

  • Booklet Travel System

Double Strollers

  • Aria Twin
  • Duette Piroet
  • Book For Two
  • Pliko Mini Twin

Tripple Strollers

  • Triplette Piroet


Pliko Four

One of the things that you might like about this pram is that it has an aluminum handle, which can be seen as a high-quality material when it comes to durability. More importantly, it is also very light, which will give you no problem in using the stroller.

More so, the wheels of this pushchair is another thing that can make you settle for this unit. The wheels are huge and have all-wheel suspension for ease of use in different types of surfaces that they will be rolling. They can also swivel for ease of maneuverability and can be locked when you want the stroller to stay in place.

Pliko Four

The stroller can also be easily folded. You do not have to use your two hands and to exert a lot of effort into being able to fold the pram when you are done in using such. The one-hand folding system makes it a piece of cake to keep the unit once you are done strolling with your beloved baby.

Pliko Mini

This pushchair only weighs 13 pounds, which makes it very light, and hence, convenient to use. More so, even if it is light, it does not mean that it can support the minimal weight. In fact, it is built in such a way that it will be strong enough to support up to 45 pounds of weight.

The safety of your baby is also a priority in the design of this stroller. It comes with a 5-point harness system that is known to keep the child in place all the time. The pushchair can also be adjusted in various angles, giving you the opportunity to select the one at which your child will be able to experience the utmost level of Pliko Mini

Many of the people who have bought such in the past have also lauded this unit because it is relatively easy to assemble, which makes it ready to use in a snap. There is no need to have technical knowledge. You merely have to follow the instructions that are written in simple and detailed manner.


The wheels of the Book stroller from Peg Perego comes fully equipped with 12-ball bearings and superior suspension. The main benefit that can be gained from this setup is that it is agiler and it is easier to have it pushed and pulled on the direction that you desire.

This pushchair has various features that will ensure your child will feel comfortable. For instance, it has a footmuff that can give warmth to your child, especially during chilly weather. It also has a handlebar that can be adjusted based on the requirements of the parent.Peg Perego Book

It is also worth mentioning that the seat of the stroller is made from a suitable material, which makes sure that the baby will feel comfortable because it is well-padded. It is also resistant to water and stain, which means that it is easy to maintain its cleanliness, making still look good as new even after a prolonged period of use.


The smooth zero radius is perhaps one of the things that can make this pram a better option than all others. Because of such feature, there is a possibility to transition smoothly from one position to another. You will not experience any difficulty when it comes to turning the stroller, even if there is just minimal space.

The flexibility of the pushchair is also a good thing since it can be used for an extended period of time. For a newborn baby, it can act as a comfortable pram. On the other hand, as your baby grows, it can be used as a fully-functional baby carriage.
Peg-Perego Uno Stroller

Besides, this stroller is also equipped with various features that will make sure of the safety of your baby. It has 5-point harness system and baby safety enclosure system, which will both give you peace on mind when it comes to securing the toddler while you two go out for a stroll.


This model is perfect for parents who are living an active and busy lifestyle. It is loaded with features that promote the convenience of its use. For instance, it can be opened and folded with just the use of one hand. To add, it is also very light, making it easy to carry.

If you prioritize the level of comfort of your toddler while in a stroller, this is a good choice. The backrest of this unit is fully adjustable, which means that you can choose the angle and the position at which your baby will be most comfortable with.
Aria Strollers
This stroller also comes with a hinge snack tray. This can be quickly put in place and will provide babies with a space that can be easily accessed if they would want to eat or play. It also comes with a cup holder and basket, which will prove to be useful for both the baby and the parent.

Aria Twin

If you have twins or two children whose age does no differ a lot, the Area Twin double stroller from Peg Perego will be a beautiful thing to purchase. You will get a high-quality, stylish pushchair that will let you to stroll two children at a time easily.

One of the good things about these baby carriages is that they can be positioned at various angles. For instance, the seats can be in front position, rear position, or can be facing each other. You just have to choose the setup at which the babies are most comfortable with.
Aria Twin
Even if the pushchair can carry two babies at a time, it does not mean that it is hard to maneuver. It comes with a steering handlebar that can allow you to bring the pram in various angles without any difficulty. The wheels are also smooth, making sure that it will not be difficult to push and pull the unit.

Peg Perego Travel Systems

Travel systems from Peg Perego will provide you with a complete set of equipment that will be needed to assure the high level of comfort and safety of your child while you both are out and having fun.

The set is inclusive of all that you need as your baby grows. In fact, it even comes with a diaper bag to make sure that there is nothing that you will need to bring with you as you travel. They are color coordinated, which means that they are lovely since they complement each other.Peg Perego Pliko Four Travel System

All of the inclusions in the Peg Perego travel systems are made of the highest quality of materials that ensures both safety and comfort. They will provide a good value for money because it is already complete with what you and your little one will need when you go out to have fun.

Discontinued Models


Peg Perego John Deere Gt3 StrollerIf you are looking for a stroller that has a robust design, this is most probably one of the best options. It is made from materials that are durable, which is complemented by an intelligent design to make sure that it is less prone to wear and tear even with frequent usage.

It also comes with a generously-sized basket. This is useful if you expect to bring a lot of things for the child during the time that you are about to go for a walk. This also provides enough space for your shopping items or other personal belongings.

The canopy of this pram is also made in such a way that it can provide a large shade from the sun, wind, and other external elements that can be harmful for your child. Even if it covers a huge area, it comes with a mesh to make sure that there is sufficient amount of air that can be received by your child.


The folding mechanism of this stroller, which is compared to that of an umbrella, is one of the things that you might like about this option. When folded, it appears very slim, which will allow you to easily carry and store such as it requires minimal space.

The wheels, including the bearings, have also been lauded. They are large enough to make sure that they are durable and can move freely. There is no need to be worried about the maneuverability of the unit since it is very responsive, following the direction at which you would want to go.Si LightWeight Stroller

It also comes with a large hood to make sure that your baby is protected from the scorching heat of the sun, the chilling cold from the wind, or the dust that can be irritating for them. You can be sure that your toddler is protected and comfortable the whole time that they are confined inside the stroller.


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