Best Rated Graco Double Stroller Reviews 2021

Best Rated Graco Double StrollerI wrote this review to help you choose the best Graco double stroller from current model lineup from this brand.

There are different types, and you should know the features of each to be provided with valuable help in ending up with the right decision.

If you have two babies, with age that is close to each other, the use of double prams will be beneficial as you can stroll with both of them all the time. This would mean having more time to bond and enjoy the time with your little ones before they can finally walk.

Graco is one of the most trusted brands for strollers in the market. Their product line of double pushchairs will undoubtedly prove to be worth giving consideration. You will inevitably end up with the right option, and you will end up with the same high level of satisfaction that has been experienced by parents who decided to choose this brand.


Graco DuoGlider Folding Double Baby StrollerStadium-style seating is one of the best features that many parents have liked about this double stroller from Graco.

With this, you can be assured that even the infant seated at the back will have a good view of the surroundings, just like the one sitting on the front.

Also, the lockable front swivel wheels have also been liked by many parents. It makes the pram more secure and prevents it from strolling when you are in a stable mode.

Aside from being secured, it is also very comfortable, especially with the seats which are made from soft materials.

The stroller is not just convenient for the baby, but also for you. This is made possible by the presence of a large storage basket that can keep your things, as well as the stuff of your infants. Aside from being large, it can also be accessed without any difficulty.


Graco Ready2Grow StrollersWith 12 riding position options, these strollers excel concerning versatility as it can prove to be useful whether your child is seating or standing. Besides, this option makes it possible for you not to change prams even when your babies are already standing.

Because of its interactive design, in whatever way it is used, it will be possible for parents to still interact with their babies. Also, these strollers also have a front seat that can be placed on a wholly reclined position, so that your baby can lie flat while strolling.

Washing the pushchair is also not a problem, making it possible to have it well-maintained. It is machine-washable. Both seat cushions can be easily removed and washed. With regards to the frame of the baby carriage, many parents have also expressed ease in cleaning with just the use of warm water soap, and cloth.


Baby strollers that can carry multiple kids are ideal for parents who have twins or kids whose ages are only a few years apart. The Graco RoomFor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller is a versatile pushchair that makes it easy for parents to move around with their little ones.

The Graco RoomFor2 stroller features multi-position front seat making it ideal for your little one while your older kid can either sit on the padded rear seat or stand on the rear platform for even more fun. It would be a great stroller to use when going to the store or running errands with your kids.

The seat can also be reclined so your baby will feel comfortable in it. It can be placed in a fully flat position to make it convenient for your baby during naptime. You can use the stroller as your child grows up as it can hold up to 50 lb weight.


On-the-go moms will like its one-hand standing fold with storage latch which allows you to lock it quickly without having to bend over. Its front swivel wheels also make it easy to push the stroller.

The swivelling front wheels have built-in suspension for better maneuverability and stability, particularly when on uneven terrain.

The Graco double pram features a convertible three- to five-point harness which you can adjust as your child grows up. It is important to note though that the rear seat has a three-point harness. Its handles also provide more security particularly when your kid is standing on the platform. When it comes to strollers, it would be ideal to have enough storage for baby essentials.

The Graco RoomFor2 Click Connect pram includes a parent tray with two deep cup holders as well as storage for keys or smartphones.

The front seat has a child’s tray which can hold bottles, cups, snacks, and toys. You can easily remove this to take your child in or out as needed. It is easy to keep the Graco baby carriage clean.

The seat cushions can be removed and machine-washed on a delicate cycle. The frame can be washed with just soap and warm water.

Customer Feedback

There are a few consumers who said that the instructions are not easy to follow. However, you can get in touch with the Graco customer service if you have problems setting it up. The Graco RoomFor2  is suited for infants and toddlers.

The pushchair also accepts all Graco infant car seats so you can create your travel system. Included in the box are the stroller and an instruction guide.

It is a good idea to check online stores to find a good deal for the Graco Classic Connect Stroller. It will also be more convenient to buy it from an online store as it can be shipped for free to your home.

Other Current Models

I am working on an addition to this review featuring Ready2Grow LX, Uno2Duo, and Modes Duo pushchairs.

Discontinued Models

Quattro Tour Duo

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller VanceIf you decide to choose this model of double perambulator from Graco, one of the benefits that you can potentially enjoy would be having car seats that can support the weight of up to 50 pounds. This means that you can still be using them even after your child has gained weight.

Also, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo stroller can also be a good choice for those parents who are looking for handles with ergonomic design.

The handles can be set of a variety of hand positions, making sure of superior maneuverability.

If you bring a lot of things as you stroll with your children, such as diapers and food, this will also be a good choice primarily because of the inclusion of a sizeable drop-down basket.

That means having more storage space to keep all the things ready when they are needed the most.


Having two kids will always keep your hands full, so you need a pram that helps you manage both.

The double pushchair from Graco provides lots of space for your kids and some playthings you might want to bring along when you are strolling in the mall.

50 Pound Capacity

This twin-seater pushchair is a big stroller that can take up to 50 pounds of your kid’s weight.

The rear seat can be reclined flat so that your baby can rest.

The front toddler seat has cup holders instead of the tray that has to be opened and closed.

Also, there are parent cup holders so you can bring your kids’ favorite drinks as well as yours.

Storage Trays

There is a window that you open so you can still keep an eye on your baby on the infant seat while you are doing something with your toddler.

If you need to bring your kid’s rattlers and other playthings, you will find a storage tray under the toddler seat. There, you can store your kids’ favorite things.

When you have a rear seat in its reclined position, you can have access to a basket that may contain some of your gear.

One-Hand Gravity Fold

This single hand feature is quite useful. All you have to do is push the button, and the stroller folds on its own.

It folds 20% less than other strollers so you can store it in your trunk with room to spare.

This duo stroller is a great help to all mothers with two kids.

It is easy to handle, and it can contain all of your kids’ needs.

Just be careful though, you might be bringing too much, and the pram will be a little heavy to steer.

Customer Reviews

While the name ‘Graco Quattro Tour Duo Double Stroller’ can be quite a mouthful at first, it can be quickly realized that the large name is due to its multiple features.

The stroller is stylish and sturdy, keeping an impressive exterior that has garnered significant initial interest. Geared towards housing two babies at once, this double pram is perfect for twins, or otherwise, siblings of the same age range.

It is the baby cart example of “killing two birds with one stone,” and contains features that made loyal fans fall in love with the older models of the same series.

It is spacious, easy to control, and gives a smooth ride without running into any bumps. It can fold down in one click to allow secure storage, and has locks for safety purposes.

Additional space has been made in the form of pockets or bags, which helps the parents store their personal belongings. This is especially helpful because baby products can also be kept in the stroller.

Even though there have been recent complaints about the heavy weight of the pushchair, an exhilarating ride is always guaranteed with this Graco Double Stroller.

Flint Design

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Flint Double StrollerThe versatility of the design of this pram is perhaps one of its selling points. It can be easily configured for a toddler, an infant, twins, or two toddlers. You will not experience any difficulty in its use, even if your two babies are loaded at the same time.

Besides, the one-hand gravity fold that is integrated into this baby carriage is also beneficial. With this, the baby carriage will consume less space as it becomes smaller by as much as 20% when it is folded. The seats are also padded and can be reclined in multiple positions to make sure of the highest level of comfort for your toddlers.

The spring suspension of the baby carriage is also a useful feature. Because of this, you can be assured that a quiet stroll will be made possible, regardless of the surface. Even if you stroll in an area that has rough or uneven floors, the suspension will make it possible for the baby not to feel any discomfort.

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